How to Book it

Since we dont run a fisical office at the moment, all the attention to customers will be given by online media, (mail, FaceBook or Instagram) and telephone. 

- Before your request, check with your hotel or golf curse if we´ll be allowed to enter for the delivery. In case of not, assign to us a different delivery point. 

- The ordering procces can be either by sending us an email with the request, booking appointment on our facebook page or by calling us. Contact

- With your request, we'll be needing a name, a phone number, the set number (or numbers) of choise, a time frame of delivery and pick up, and the delivery point. After doing so, we´ll be responding shortly to confirm your order or make known if the set isn´t available. During delivery  we´ll call you to announce the arrival.

- Delivery

To have access to any Hotel, we'll be needing your full name and room number (security will need to know that we are coming before we arrive), and in case the delivery´s at a golf course, with the given name on your order  we´ll be enough.

- After the arrival, we´ll deliver the clubs, confirm the provited time frame and payment. The clubs are not insured, so we´ll request a credit card for security deposit at the Check in, where at the Check out only the amount of the rent will be charged.